Mar 12, 2011
Pregnancy is sometimes unplanned, especially for younger women. Our bodies are made in such a way that we can get pregnant as a teenager, even when we don't want to. This is a time in our lives when we may not be emotionally and financially ready to deal with having a child. Be brave; you have a challenge ahead of you. and having a baby is hard some people think that it is easy and some teens want a baby but they don't know how hard it is. 

If you suspect you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. Don't put it off, because knowing you're pregnant is vital to your health and gives you the most options if you're not sure you want to be a parent. Some symptoms of pregnancy include a missed menstrual period, fatigue, breast tenderness, mood swings, and nausea. When you first discover you are pregnant, you should tell someone that you trust and who will support you.
Support:If both or one of your parents support you, that is wonderful, as they have experience and can guide you through parenting. If the father of your baby supports you, that, too, could be wonderful, as he could willingly help you by taking you to appointments, paying for baby stuff, being emotionally supportive, and so much more. If you don't find support, tell people you trust until you find people who will support you. If no one knows or supports you, you could be going through this alone.
Apply for Medicaid and WIC to cover your medical expenses, food and living expenses if necessary. Oftentimes, there is support for young women, and it can help you to find jobs, finish high school, and go to a vocational school or college.
Take a parenting course
Find a place to stay. If your parents don't support you, or are giving you an ultimatum to do their wishes or move, and your boyfriend is not supportive, see if you can find a relative, friend, or anyone who has your best interests. If you don't have support from friends or family, seek support groups who are in similar situations.
STEP 6Get advice. If you're afraid of having a baby, consult an elder, nurse, doctor or midwife. Ask them what to expect.
Save money. Be thrifty in what you buy. There are oftentimes places where you can buy stuff for you and your baby very cheaply, such as yard sales and thrift stores.


  1. Pregnancy is one of the phases in a woman's life where special health concerns are needed to be considered. Although natural, an expectant mother may experience periodic pains from nerve irritation due to subtle changes in her musculo-skeletal system.

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